New Brunswick Ultra-Low Temperature Lab Freezers

HEF® & Green freezers

The most energy-efficient, eco-friendly freezers anywhere! HEF Freezers minimize operating costs while providing superior protection for your critical samples. They reduce energy consumption by up to 59 % when compared to competitive models. 50 Hz HEF models use environmentally-safe hydrocarbon-based refrigerants to further reduce energy consumption by 10 % (Not available in the United States).

Innova® freezers

More capacity. Same freezer footprint. Innova freezers use advanced vacuum insulation panel technology to reduce freezer wall thickness. This provides up to 30 % more storage capacity than traditionally-insulated freezers without increasing the external dimensions. Upright Innova models have three separate interior compartments with gasketed, insulated doors for exceptional sample protection.

Premium freezers

Quality. Reliability. Value. Over 30 years of innovation have gone into the design of New Brunswick Premium freezers—the original benchmark for top quality ultra-low temperature freezers. Premium freezers are known for their worry-free, longterm reliability, sample preservation, and energy efficiency. They provide many of the same features as our Innova models, but are conventionally-insulated for a cost-effective alternative.